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Business Development

Synectic Advisors have far-reaching relationships with manufacturers, dealers, distributors, retailers, technology providers, and governmental agencies located throughout the globe.  Growth through partnerships can, in many instances, be more valuable to your growth strategy than pouring money primarily into marketing.  These relationships are the cornerstone of our success.

Strategy Development & Execution

Business leaders are generally highly effective in developing domestic strategies.  Implementing the plan is where most businesses fail. Further adding to the challenge is the development and implementing a global strategy into unknown countries with different cultures, regulations, and accepted marketing methods.  The Synectic team is experts at implementation with the knowledge, insight, and experience to expand your business into global markets.

Technology Development

Technology Development: In today’s globalized economy, technology is critical to operational efficiency, optimal use of data, business management, and forming digital connections with your customers, vendors, and partners.  Our internal team consists of experts in ERP systems (i.e., NetSuite & SAP), AI / big data, and custom application development with the goal to competitively positioning your business in this globalized world.