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The Synectic Advisors team has built an indisputable stellar reputation in providing global advisory services bridging the gap between strategy design and execution. The alignment between business strategy, global leadership, and technology are traits that distinguish us from other consulting firms.  We understand that to be successful in today’s globalized economy, a wide range of experience, skills, and leadership is required.  Synectic Advisors consists of the best and brightest business thought leaders from numerous industries with best-in-class, advanced enterprise quality technology solutions that deliver the business of tomorrow today. Our practical approach allows enterprises to achieve early wins and sustainable growth while continuing to innovate for the future.

Jon Dessel
Managing Director

Mr. Dessel has an extraordinarily diversified professional background, crowned by his innovative, impactful dedication to advancing business technologies. Jon is a dynamic leader with over 28 years’ experience in business management, which includes 17 years of experience in executive management. 12 years’ experience in organization culture change management and business process reengineering consulting for large corporate enterprises. Jon has strong leadership experience with a proven track record in driving revenue growth with outstanding turn-around experience in a wide range of industries including high-tech, media/entertainment, finance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and service.

Jody Sitkoski
Senior Partner

Mr. Sitkoski is an accomplished senior executive, business development strategist and visionary with over 35 years proven success as a principle and executive.  Jody is well-traveled with global leadership advisory experience with most prominent business development experience in Latin America and Asia. Professional work experience includes Bechtel, GE, Fluor Daniels, Combustion Engineers, MR3 Systems, Wisconsin Gas & Electric, Michel’s Utility Infrastructure & Eltron Research & Development.

David Cohen
Senior Advisor

Proven Team: Decentral was founded by blockchain, AI and open source software pioneers that have built and sold highly profitable companies with first-to-mar-ket solutions. Founder and CEO, David Allen Cohen, developed the world’s first intelligent agent-based software platform, GridAgents™, for the multibillion dollar SmartGrid market. David was an early member of the IOTA Foundation during the IOTA token launch and is an advisor to high caliber blockchain companies such as Hashgraph.

Amjad Tareen
Senior Advisor

Amjad has over 30 years of international experience working in the Financial Industry, starting his career with Lehman Brothers in 1988. His experience is legionary working with companies like Stanford & Company and Merrill Lynch as a financial adviser rising up the ranks to VP of Small Businesses at JPMorgan Chase.  Amjad has a distinguished career on Wall street, having won several awards at Merrill Lynch including The Winner Circle, Executive Club, and Master’s Trip Executive Club for having the most financial plans and highest client retention.