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International Strategic Advisors




Synectic Advisors designs customized innovative strategies to expand your business globally. Whether you are looking to expand your products/services into new markets, need capital or leadership coaching, our team has the expertise, network, and experience to provide a complete and comprehensive service customized to meet your company’s specific goals.



Synectic Advisors consists of an impressive team of experts in international business development, global leadership, product development, strategy design & implementation, cultural change management, finance, marketing, training, and information technology.  We Are bridging the gap between strategy design and delivery!



While advancements in technology have allowed companies to conduct business globally more easily, country-specific knowledge, cultural & regulatory differences can limit business growth. Therefore, we provide services to a wide range of clients regardless of product or service, whether large or small and emerging.


Meet Our New Clients


NuLifeCell represents manufacturers of cutting-edge therapeutic health and wellness products.  Their primary product line consist of Pulsed Electromagnetic Force devices highly sought after by doctors for enhancing their treatment results. Synectic will be providing business development services to NuLifeCell.

Healthycell formulates high bioavailable nutritional supplements supported by first-class scientific and clinical evidence.  Healthycell is diligently and continuously researching and developing new formulations to provide health benefits to their clients.  Synectic's is proud to provide business development services to assist in pursuit of their vision.